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About Us

CAPED – Cancer Awareness, Prevention and Early Detection a trust registered in the year 2014 under the Indian trust Act, CAPED – Cancer Awareness, Prevention and Early Detection, as the name suggests, is a platform created for dissemination of information and awareness about the latest developments in the field of cancer.


CAPED - Cancer Awareness, Prevention and Early Detection has decided to take on the cause of women related cancers with focus on Cervical Cancer to start with. In keeping with this mission we are creating different arenas to spread awareness and knowledge among women so as to empower them to take action regarding their own health.

Why Cervical Cancer?

The 'preventable' cancer cervical cancer kills more women in India than anywhere in the world. It need not.

Cervical cancer is one of India's many healthcare ironies. It is a disease that experts say can largely be prevented. Yet, in India it affects 1,32,000 women each year of whom 72,000 women lose their battle with it, according to the Cervical Cancer-Free Coalition. With greater awareness, it is possible to mitigate the damage done by this continuously-exploding bomb if not completely dismantie it.

What is Cervical Cancer?

Cervical cancer is the cancer of the mouth of the uterus. This is the only cancer that is conclusively proven to be caused in the vast majority of the cases by a virus called Human papillomavirus (HPV), HPV is a common virus that is sexually-transmitted.

How are you at risk?

According to India's leading cancer treatment central Tata Memorial Hospital's website, even though HPV is a common virus, there are certain risk factors that make infection more likely. These are: early age (15 years or younger) at first sexual intercourse; a history of many (more than seven) sexual partners; smoking – which damages the cervical cancer, and HIV infection which impacts the body's immune system and its ability to fight off HPV. Other research also points of the use of oral contraception and three or more births per woman as risk factors.
Cervical cancer, like many lethal diseases, is a silent killer, this means that the symptoms often don't manifest until the disease has reached advanced strages where chances of survival are relatively slimmer and treatment more expensive. When symptoms do occur they may include pain or bleeding during sexual intercourse, unusual discharge from the vagina, and/or blood spots or light bleeding other than a normal period.

If detected early, it is possible to fight it.

Cervical Cancer/ Some Must Know for Today's women
  • Why Cervical Cancer screening?
  • Cervical Cancer is preventable
  • Cervical Cancer is easily selectable
  • Cervical Cancer is treatable

How do we prevent Cervical Cancer?
  • Vaccination against HPV
  • Regular screening to detect pre-cancer stages
  • lifestyle changes

Take home messages
  • Be aware with the right knowledge, spread it
  • Vaccinate early
  • Don't stop regular screening despite vaccination
  • Report early to your gynecologist if you have any symptoms

* Take the first bus (vaccinate and screen) * If you miss it, take the second (report early to your gynecologist) *If you miss the second bus take the third (treat in pre or early cancer stages) *Please don't take the fourth bus (late stage cancer)!!